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Class Descriptions

Reformer Class

We use state-of-the-art reformer equipment with resistant springs to offer a full body exercise program. The class gives the students the ability to move with flow, rhythm and grace while creating a combination of exercises connecting the mind with the body together. Our classes will emphasize on core strength, flexibility, coordination, balance along with muscle strength and stability.

Mat Classes

We emphasize mainly on core strength, flexibility, balance and stability. The student will learn ways to better improve movements by working their core using their own body weight along with protecting the neck, pelvis , back and shoulders. It will teach the student how to use these methods in their everyday life to improve physical activity such as golf, tennis, swimming and walking. The class also introduces the Franklin Method by using props such as rollers, therabands, balls, and exercise circles to help release tension and tightness in various parts of the body.


Private One-on-One

The private sessions are design for each individual student at all levels. It gives the student that individual attention to provide a complete body workout with their needs and goals in mind. We use combination of Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair, Bodhi Suspension System and CoreAlign to provide the variety of movements and challenges that will stimulate the clients’ level and ability.


Pilates Group Chair Class

This class is based on using Balance Body Exo Chair. The group class uses a modern version of the Pilates Chair which was originally designed by Joe Pilates. It is a spring loaded apparatus that offers many variation of exercises using the equipment in various ways. The classes are designed to include all muscle groups to get that full body workout. The classes are a fast pace with a full body workout.


Bodhi Suspension System

This system will give you an excellent full body workout using only your body weight. The Bodhi Suspension System includes two independent ropes which create four suspension points. You get endless opportunities to suspend the body from each point and from each point adds, strength, flexibility, balance, proprioceptive challenges. You will learn exercises for the upper body, lower body and core while experiencing the body’s dynamic relationship to gravity. No other single suspension system can do this. We offer private and group training classes.

*All classes are by appointment only. Drop-Ins are welcome upon availability. Class must have at least 2 people to keep the class open. Creative Bodies with Pilates does have a 24 hour cancellation policy.