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1.) How do your private sessions work?

We create a customized program for your needs and so every workout is unique to you.  The focus of pilates to help you center your mind and body so your concentration and focus is a main focus with all of our classes. We help with your balance, breathing, posture, and more.


2) How big are your group classes?

Our group classes are a of 2-6 people so it is always a very intimate setting.


3.) What if I’ve never done pilates?

If you’ve never done pilates you are in for a treat! We highly recommend doing a private session before doing a group class so it will be easier for you to follow along in the group class. However, this is just a suggestion and not mandatory.


4.) Will Pilates help me with my balance? Will I have more flexibility?

Absolutely.  This is the main reason people take pilates.  There are 10 principles of pilates and all of these help.  We will increase your posture, balance, and flexibility.  This is especially beneficial to those who are aging.


5.) Will pilates help me get stronger?

Yes.  Pilates is a full-body workout more associatd with strength training and helping you improve your balance and flexibility.  We also help you strengthen your core.


6.) Will pilates help me strengthen my core?

Yes!  We help strengthen your core which runs from your upper chest down through your hips. There are so many muscles that make up your “core” and we help you to strengthen that entire core center.


7.) How can I sign up if I’m a new customer?

It’s really easy.  You can either call or use our online scheduler to book a group class with us!  We look forward to meeting you!