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Margy Spector (Owner)

Margy is a Balance Body full Certified Pilates Instructor who has been practicing Pilates for 15 years and teaching for 10 years.  She was trained by 2 Master Pilates Instructors in the bay area, Tom McCook with Center of Balance in Mountain View and Lisa Graham with Agile Monkey in Santa Cruz.  She was also a Medical Administrator in Orthopedics for 15 years.  With her knowledge of both, she is able design programs for everyone to meet their needs and long term goals.  Through her passion for teaching and experience, she is able to offer ways to help her students move safe in their practice and as well as their everyday life.  Her teaching focuses on helping her students gain muscle strength, improve flexibility, develop deep core strength and improve their posture.  She has also been trained in teaching Pre & Post natal Pilates as well as Pilates for osteoporosis.  She continues her own training with Tom McCook as well as workshops which is sometimes offered at the studio.

The studio brings in a warm, bright and friendly environment with a large range of Balance Body equipment including the new Bodhi Suspension System and quality instructors.  It is a great place to come and have fun, work out and focus on health for a better life.

Michelle Wilson (Instructor).

We are thrilled to have Michelle Wilson as one of our Master Pilates Instructor.  She is a NASM functional trained and is TRX and Bodhi Suspension System trained.  She has had 2 years experience in Boot Camp teaching and 6 years experience teaching NASM.  Her 3 year training for both was with Community Fitness Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  Michelle has completed her Pilates Teacher Training with Balance Body with 2 master instructors, Tom McCook with Center of Balance in Mountain View and Lisa Graham at Agile Monkey in Santa Cruz.  Because of her diversity in both Personal Training and Pilates Training, she is offering her experience of both at 

Creative Bodies Studio.  Michelle has been a great addition to our studio and is teaching both private and group classes.